Councillors, democracy and elections

Council Chamber

Cumbria County Council is a directly elected body providing a wide range of important public services for the people of Cumbria.  The Council also champions the interests of Cumbria at regional, national and European levels.

The Council has 84 elected members, each representing a single electoral division.  The Council consists of 37 Conservative members, 26 Labour members, 16 Liberal Democrat members and 5 Independent members.  Following the elections on 4 May 2017 there was no one party with overall control.  The current administration is a Labour and Liberal Democrat alliance.  For more details on your local Councillor please follow the link below.

The County Council adopted a new Constitution from June 2001. This set out how the Council conducts its business.   The budget and the main policy documents are approved by the County Council as a whole. The most important decisions affecting the County are taken by the  Cabinet while the six  Local Committees deal with matters affecting their area.