Cabinet Members

Cabinet is responsible for taking most of the important decisions affecting the work of the County Council, except those decisions that have been delegated to the six local committees.  Following the Couny Council elections on 4th May 2017, the new Leader of the Council announced his Cabinet at the Council's Annual Meeting held in Kendal on 29th June 2017.

Councillor Stewart Young (Labour) - Leader of the Council

Councillor Stewart Young


  • Strategic overview

  • Corporate Governance

  • Key external relations

  • Communications

  • Health and Wellbeing Board

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Councillor Peter Thornton (Liberal Democrat) - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance

Councillor Peter Thornton


  • Strategic overview

  • Finance

  • Commissioning and Procurement

  • Enterprise and Innovation

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Councillor Anne Burns (Labour) - Children`s Services (Statutory Lead Member for Children`s Services)

Councillor Anne Burns


  • Children and Families

  • Early Help and Partnerships

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Councillor Sue Sanderson (Liberal Democrat) - Schools and Learning

Councillor Sue Sanderson


  • Schools and Learning

  • Inclusion

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Councillor Keith Little (Labour) - Highways and Transport

Councillor Keith Little


  • Highways

  • Transport

  • Fleet

  • Flood protection

  • Windermere Ferry

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Councillor Patricia Bell (Liberal Democrat) - Health and Care Services

Councillor Philip Chappelhow


Social Care

  • Older adults

  • Physical disabilities

  • Learning disabilities

  • Mental health

  • Cumbria Care

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Councillor Deborah Earl (Labour) - Public Health and Community Services

Councillor Deborah Earl


  • Public Health

  • Local Committees

  • Libraries and Archives

  • Registrars

  • Adult and Community learning

  • Active Cumbria

  • Welfare

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Councillor David Southward MBE (Labour) - Economic Development and Property

Councillor David Southward


  • Economic Development

  • Connecting Cumbria

  • Nuclear related issues

  • Property

  • Skills

  • Port of Workington

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Celia Tibble (Labour) - Environment

Councillor Celia Tibble


  • Environment

  • Planning

  • Waste

  • Trading Standards

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Countryside Access

  • Coroners

  • Health and Safety

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Janet Willis (Liberal Democrat) - Customers, Transformation and Fire and Rescue

Janet Willis


  • Customer Services

  • IT and Digital Transformation

  • Organisational Change

  • People Management

  • Member Development

  • Community Safety

  • Fire and Rescue Services 

  • Resilience Planning 

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