Safety Groups and Street Safe

Streetsafe is an ongoing community project which aims to tackle local community problems at a local level and are held all over Cumbria.  

Streetsafe addresses how we talk to the local community and gives us the opportunity to listen to their concerns and react to problems they face. NP However Streetsafe is not just about going out into an area and solving local problems, we provide training, we provide funding to support other projects, develop and support active citizens and we sign post people to various agencies

Streetsafe is the best opportunity to consult with members of our community about issues in the community. We can provide a high profile police and partners presence in the area to demonstrate our commitment to work together to improve the quality of life for residents and communities, reducing crime and anti social behaviour. We take the opportunity to listen to concerns about street lighting, dog fouling, fly tipping, anti social behaviour, hate crime etc. We are able to feed this back to partners and make some immediate positive impacts in those communities, thereby improving that "feel safe" factor.
For example we;

Remove graffiti
Remove fly tipping
Install smoke alarm
Remove abandoned vehicles
Upgrade peoples security
Provide youth diversion

We tackle local issues at local levels using local staff Operations

Highly visible Police and Partners street presence. Pairings of Police and partner or Fire and Rescue with partner ensures that we have a consistently reassuring uniformed partnership approach to all our house-to-house visits. Each pair will visit predetermined addresses, armed with a questionnaire. Householders are then given the opportunity to discuss community concerns in private with staff, in the sure knowledge that their concerns will be relayed back to the relevant agency as a whole, so that such concerns can be further investigated and actioned as necessary. Should the occupiers be out, post a letter and questionnaire with prepaid return envelope through the letterbox.