County Community Safety Agreement

The Agreement has been developed from the findings of the Cumbria Strategic Assessment and the strategic assessments of the four sub-county Community Safety Partnerships which are undertaken annually and include direct consultation with the communities of Cumbria. 

It builds upon the successes we have already achieved for local communities, including significant reductions in all types of crime, Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), reoffending and addressing the issue of domestic violence. All of our successes have been improved still further by our effective partnership working.

The county wide Safer Cumbria Partnership brings together each of the Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs), the Drug and Alcohol Action Team, Criminal Justice bodies, third sector organisations and the Youth Offending Teams to enable a more coordinated and effective approach to be taken to tackle county-wide issues. It also aims to increase the level of engagement with local agencies and our diverse communities, encouraging and empowering them to undertake local projects and initiatives. This approach is essential to make a real impact in reducing actual crime, disorder, drug and substance misuse and to tackle the issue of reoffending for which the partnership became responsible in 2010.

Community Safety Partnerships across the county develop their own local Partnership Plans which supports the delivery of multi-agency approaches to crime prevention and reduction involving the statutory, voluntary and business sectors.  

The responsible Authorities within the CSP's are:

Local Authorities - district and county councils

  • Police

  • Local Authorities
  • Primary Care Trust

  • Fire and Rescue Services

  • Probation Service

There are a number of organisations from across Cumbria in addition to the Responsible Authorities who have a valuable contribution to making Cumbria safer. To ensure we are as effective as possible the partnership includes a wide-ranging representation

We will support the delivery of the Partnership Plans of the four district Community Safety Partnerships and tapping into the potential of increased cross-border and/or county-level working. We will achieve this by preparing a Community Safety Agreement, in accordance with our statutory responsibilities, to address the concerns raised by the community and other priorities identified in the Community Safety Partnerships' Strategic Assessments and the Cumbria Strategic Assessment.

The Agreement sets out how the partners will achieve our objective by identifying:

  •  Ways of co-ordinating activities across the county to address priorities; and

  • How the responsible authorities might otherwise contribute to reducing crime, disorder and substance misuse through closer joint working across the county