Police and Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT`s)

Cumbria Constabulary provides a wide range of policing services to ensure communities in Cumbria are safer and feel safer. 

Policing Services to Reduce Crime 

Protecting children and vulnerable adults from crime e.g. by monitoring sex offenders.
Providing advice and equipment to people who have been victims of crime repeatedly.
Assisting people who might be vulnerable to crime e.g. working with partners to reduce racist or homophobic crime.
Working with young people so that they don't become involved in crime e.g. providing sports and other activities, school visits.
Solving problems that are causing crime e.g. improving street lighting.
Tackling drug and alcohol abuse e.g. by referring drug abusers for rehabilitation.
Checking the records of people applying to work with children or vulnerable people.

Policing Services to Investigate Crime 

Recording all the crimes that we find or which are reported to us.
Dealing with major and serious crimes such as murder and rape.
Investigating crimes, identifying offenders and bringing them to justice.
Supporting victims and witnesses.
Recovering the financial gains of crime from criminals.
Working with colleagues in other forces to catch criminals working in more than one part of the country.
Gathering intelligence and preventing terrorism.
Monitoring roads to help locate criminals.
Holding people in custody when appropriate

Policing Services to Promote Safety 

Working with the public in neighbourhoods to identify and solve local problems.
Promoting good community relations e.g. events promoting race equality.
Providing advice and information through the media e.g. about securing your home.
Patrolling the streets on foot and in cars.
Solving problems that are causing disruption and anti-social behaviour e.g. working with pub landlords.
Using acceptable behaviour contracts, anti-social behaviour orders and other tools to reduce anti-social behaviour.
Road safety e.g. speed cameras.
Making sure firearms owners have a license.
Investigating road traffic collisions.
Maintaining public order e.g. policing street demonstrations.

Providing Assistance to the Public 

Providing advice and information via our communications centre. 
Responding to public emergencies e.g. Grayrigg rail crash. 
Dealing with the use of firearms. 
Policing major events e.g. football matches and shows. 
Policing the roads and motorways. 
Lost property.

Neighbourhood Policing in Cumbria is about: 

Dedicated Local Policing Teams of police officers, police staff, police community support officers, special constables and volunteers. 
Intelligence led targeting of the issues that matter most to local people. 
Joint action to address these issues by Police, Partner Agencies and the Public. 
The county districts of Cumbria fall within the three Basic Command Units of North, West, and South.   
Please visit the Cumbria Constabulary website to details.