Adult social care charges consultation

Consultation on charging policy for adult social care services

Cumbria County Council is seeking the views of the people of Cumbria on proposed changes to the Council's charging policy to adults who require care and support.

To assist and inform you in your responses here are some facts that may be useful to you:

Cumbria County Council currently spends £ 143 million a year on adult social care services, including non-residential care. This provides social care support to over 9000 adults.

To help fund these services the Council charges adults for the services they receive based on their ability to pay.

Cumbria County Council currently generates a total income of £ 34 million per year for people our adult social care services based on the existing charging policy.

The demand for these services is set to increase significantly over the coming years due to our ageing population and the increase in the number of people with complex needs.

Each year the Council also faces significant challenges including rising costs associated with the delivery of care and the reductions in funding from Government.



Charging and Financial Assessment


Cumbria County Council wishes to develop a fair and consistent approach to charging for care. The key principles of the proposed care charging policy for adult social care are that people will only contribute towards, or pay the full cost of, their adult social care if, subject to a financial assessment, it is established they can afford to pay. The amount someone who receives Adult Social Care will pay will not be more than the cost of providing the service and will be limited so that they are always left with enough to pay for everyday living costs.

Current charging regulations are set in accordance with the Care Act 2014, Charging and Support Regulations.


Consultation on charging policy for adult social care services - Online Version

To have your say, please complete our questionnaire either online or in print and return to our freepost address:


Cumbria County Council

Comments on this document are welcome and the closing date for this consultation is 9 June 2018.

To ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to have their say their will also be local drop in events available:

  • Wednesday 14 March Barrow-in-Furness Library. Ramsden Square

  • Monday 19 March Kendal Library. Stricklandgate

  • Friday 23 March Whitehaven Library. Lowther Street Whitehaven.

  • Monday 26 March Workington Library. Vulcans Lane.

  • Wednesday 18 April Carlisle Library. 11 Globe Lane

  • Friday 20 April Penrith Library. St. Andrews Churchyard