Virtual School - School Moves and Admissions

You may need to find a new school place for your previously looked after child if they're:

  • Consider the age and key stage of the child

Year 2 and Year 6 children will be taking SATs

Y9,Y10,Y11  children will be doing their GCSE options (the same options may not be available in a different school)

Primary questions

Secondary questions

  • Provide Information for school admissions
    (Main round admission: Starting Reception, Infant to junior, junior to secondary transfers)

As a previously looked after child (PLAC) they will have priority for school places. The local authority admissions team may request a copy of:

  • The adoption order 
  • Child arrangement order 
  • Special guardianship order 
  • Letter from the local authority that last looked after the child confirming he/she was looked after immediately prior to that order being made. 

For further advice contact the school admissions team

There are key dates to be aware of when applying for school places:

If your child is undergoing a statutory assessment for special educational needs, you should make every effort to keep them in their current school until the assessment has been finalised, and the appropriate type of provision has been identified. (This may take up to 20 weeks.)

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan a school move can only happen following the EHCP review process. 

For further advice contact the SENDIAS team

SEND Information Advice and Support Service offers impartial information, advice and support to children and young people with special educational needs and or disabilities and their parents and carers.