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An Introduction

Cumbria County Council's Early Help and Targeted Youth Support can offer a range of group work interventions for children in school years 7-13 (Key Stages 3, 4 and 5).
Schools can now access this support by completing the Schools Offer Request Form.  These sessions can be delivered to large and small groups and can be adapted to fit in with individual need.

Cumbria County Council's Early Help and Target Youth Support Service can provide group work interventions for school years 7-13 (Key Stages 3, 4 and 5) in the following areas:

1.Risk and safety awareness
2.Friends and relationships
3.Feelings and behaviour
4.Confidence and self esteem
5.Youth participation
6.Fire safety
7.Offending behaviour and consequences - ie: criminal records
8.Anti-social behaviour and impact on others
9.Internet safety
10.Inappropriate use of social media
11.Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
12.Youth homelessness awareness/prevention
13.Supported sessions using digital badges (accessible online resources on a range of topics) such as: budgeting at different levels; homeless awareness/prevention; positive relationships and post-16 options (to include working for success)

Services are available by filing in the 'Request for Service' form and emailing it back.

Please Note: requests for involvement do not guarantee that a service will be provided.  We reserve the right to say no or defer due to capacity of other priorities.

Please return the completed form to:

 Title  Date  Size
29/03/2018 256k

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Please complete the request for service form in order that we can direct you to the most appropriate professional.