Cumbria Music Service

Cumbria Music Service is a team of specialist music teachers providing schools and pupils with a wide range of musical experiences based upon modern teaching strategies.

We deliver:

  • instrumental and vocal tuition in Cumbria's Primary and Secondary schools
  • expert classroom curriculum support
  • the First Access (Wider Opportunities) programme throughout the Primary schools in Cumbria
  • performance opportunities through our regular ensemble and special projects - from local ensemble groups and music centres, area workshops, and residential weekends through to county wide opportunities from the Cumbria Youth Orchestra
  • an Instrument Lease Scheme which is available to any young person in Cumbria and an Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme for any young person taking lessons with one of our teachers.

CMS is the Lead Partner for Cumbria Music Hub, bringing together local organisations from right across Cumbria to deliver the best music education for children and young people. We work together to create joined up, high quality music education in and out of school, getting the most from government funding for music education for young people. Visit the Cumbria Music Hub website to find out what's going on across Cumbria.

Contact us

General enquiries: 01228 226846

Instrument enquiries: 01900 706089