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The Governing Body held a consultation for proposals to create 40 additional places for learners with SEND increasing the Pupil Admissions Number from 80 to 120. The final decision on whether or not to create additional spaces was made by the Cabinet of Cumbria County Council within two months of the representation period following the publication of the statutory notices.

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16/06/2020 65k
1/07/2020 116k
12/08/2020 12k
The Governing Body of Scotby CoE School have consulted on reducing the Published Admission Number (PAN) from 38 to 30 from September 2021. All responses from the consultation have been considered and the Governing Body have made the decision to alter the PAN.
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3/11/2021 60k
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This consultation was about the possible closure of Stainburn School & Science College and Southfield Technology College and the establishment of a single secondary school in Workington to replace them. The new secondary school for Workington would be an academy; in accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006, section 6A, there is a presumption that any new school will be an academy. 

The Education Act 2011 changed the arrangements for establishing new schools and introduced section 6A (the academy/free school presumption) to the Education and Inspections Act 2006. Where a Local Authority thinks there is a need for a new school in its area it must seek proposals to establish an academy/free school.

Cumbria County Council identified the need for a new school within Workington, dependent on closure being agreed for two of the town's existing secondary schools. The maximum capacity for Southfield Technology College at the time was 987 and the maximum capacity for Stainburn School and Science College was 966.

Cumbria County Council invited interested parties to submit their expression of interest in becoming the academy sponsor of the new school, under the 'Academy Presumption' process.

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9/04/2014 191k
31/07/2014 1147k
9/04/2014 195k
17/01/2014 1068k
24/01/2014 84k
1/05/2014 98k
4/02/2014 21k
1/05/2014 68k
17/01/2014 188k
6/02/2014 229k
28/02/2014 374k
20/01/2014 1443k
28/02/2014 404k

This proposal was presented as a result of the increasing numbers of children living in Penrith and rising birth rates in the urban area. The local authority was working with the schools in the area to ensure sufficient pupil places were available to meet the increasing demand. Part of the solution required the expansion of St Catherine's Catholic Primary School. We proposed that the number of places in each year group expanded from 15 to 20.

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13/12/2011 90k
22/12/2011 132k
17/02/2012 14k
 Title  Date  Size
27/01/2012 59k
25/01/2012 9k
The Governing Body of St James CE Junior School consulted on the possibility of expanding the school by increasing the capacity and PAN.
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25/03/2013 14k
13/02/2013 826k
13/02/2013 87k
4/01/2013 201k
4/01/2013 129k

The consultation was about the future of St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Mountain View, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 0DG.

The school's governing body, the Diocese of Lancaster and Cumbria County Council had been working very hard to keep the school thriving and successful, but in recent times the number of pupils at the school had fallen to an historically low level, which in turn led to budget and staffing difficulties and had an effect on the offering that the school was able to make.

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8/09/2021 229k
11/10/2021 18k
3/02/2022 20k
14/09/2021 124k
3/02/2022 8k
The Governing Bodies of St Mary's Infant and Windermere Junior consulted on the possibility of amalgamation.
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25/03/2013 213k
11/01/2013 262k
11/01/2013 155k
11/01/2013 147k
11/01/2013 57k
23/10/2012 874k
4/01/2013 66k
This consultation was about the potential expansion of Thursby Primary School by providing an additional classroom.
 Title  Date  Size
14/01/2019 140k
4/04/2019 248k
1/10/2018 171k
1/10/2018 170k
14/01/2019 15k
1/10/2018 1137k
14/01/2019 180k

The County Council and its key partners carried out a comprehensive review of all schools throughout Cumbria. As a consequence of this review, the County Council was seeking to establish resourced provision to meet the needs of deaf/hearing impaired children within a mainstream school setting in Carlisle. The provision that was envisaged for Trinity School was to enable that school to provide for profoundly deaf and severely impaired children in a mainstream setting who would otherwise have had to be educated at specialist schools outside the Authority.

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The Governing Body of Ulverston CE Infant School consulted on the possibility of extending the age range in order to become a primary school.
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24/04/2013 167k
21/01/2013 139k
21/01/2013 16k
23/10/2012 124k
23/10/2012 37k
15/03/2013 83k

By 2007 Ulverston had a number of infant and junior schools. The view was taken that a review of the provision in the town ought to have been carried out to see whether changes should be made.  The consultation ended on 22 June 2007. The consultation document, background information and the papers for the Cabinet session can be downloaded by following the links below.

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This consultation was about the arrangements for primary education in the village of Welton. The suggested change was that Welton School closed and the catchment boundaries for schools adjacent to Welton school were re-drawn accordingly.
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2/06/2011 129k
To view the legal notice affecting Welton School select the link below.
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23/01/2020 526k
23/01/2020 215k
14/05/2020 10k
14/05/2020 9k

The County Council and its key partners carried out a comprehensive review of all the schools throughout Cumbria. As part of this review, the County Council was seeking to establish resourced provision for children with severe learning difficulties (SLD) within some of Cumbria's mainstream schools. Along with other secondary schools in Carlisle and district, William Howard was approached by the Authority some time ago and asked if they would consider hosting resourced provision at the school. Having established the school's willingness to participate in the project, this consultation was about turning the school's commitment to a vision into a reality.

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