Whole School Approaches

For information on whole school approaches to support deaf  children and young people, SEND Teaching Support Team (SEND TST) would recommend downloading the following free documents from the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS):

  • Supporting the achievement of deaf children in Early years settings
  • Supporting the achievement of deaf children in Primary schools
  • Supporting the achievement of deaf children in Secondary schools
  • Supporting the achievement of deaf young people  in Further Education
  • Phonics and the Hearing Impaired Child: Practical Strategies for Mainstream Settings
  • How you can make your resources accessible to deaf children and young people (2013)

  • Here to Learn - A DVD resource for schools (2008)

  • Think Right Feel Good (2012)
  • Healthy Minds

  • Bullying and deaf children: A guide for primary and secondary schools (2014)

Useful video clips on the ndcs website include 

These are all available by joining the National Deaf Children Society. This is free.
See web link below - "useful links".

A suitable acoustic environment is crucial for deaf children and young people. SEND TST would recommend downloading The NDCS "Acoustic toolkit" which is designed to help schools improve acoustic conditions for deaf children. See useful links below.


Deaf children and young people may require exam access arrangements to be made. An example of this, is having a live speaker for mental maths KS2 SATS so the child can access lip-reading. Current exam access arrangements are updated annually e.g. via the Department for Education-  Standards and Testing Agency or Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)- see useful links below.

'Moving On' is an NDCS course (freely downloadable), designed to equip young deaf people with the skills and knowledge to make choices about their future education and employment and to enable them to live independent lives. It has been written for young people in years 10 and 11 and has been designed to be flexible and user friendly to ensure appropriate and timely delivery.


Useful Links