ICT to reinforce learning

Technology can be used effectively to support deaf children and young people in a whole range of ways. Benefits may be:  

  • Supporting communication
  • Alerting devices
  • Assisting hearing
  • Use of telephone
  • Overcoming issue of background noise
  • Promoting independence
  • Stimulating talk and developing conversation skills.
  • Learning and using new vocabulary
  • Developing literacy skills
  • Developing auditory memory
  • Spelling
  • Developing speech clarity
  • Exploring social skills

The National Deaf Children's Society - NDCS (free to join) has produced an excellent freely downloadable booklet called "How technology can help: A guide to products and technologies which could benefit deaf children and young people." This provides an introduction to the wide range of products and technologies that might be helpful to deaf children and young people at home, at school or when socialising with friends.

E safety for deaf children and young people is paramount. See below for some useful websites promoting e safety.

Many deaf children and young people will use APPs to support learning.  The NDCS has  compiled some suggested APPs supporting a range of topics. See useful links below .

If needed the SEND Teaching Support Team will provide radio aid equipment for deaf pupils. See key documents for more information.

In addition Cumbria County Council has appointed BID services to provide Specialist Equipment Support Service for adults and children with a Hearing Impairment, across Cumbria.  The service referred to is called HITES: Hearing Impairment Technical Equipment Service.


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