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Education, Health and Care Plans

If you would like help and support to request an assessment or help during the assessment process or annual review, please contact one of our Co-ordinators.

To see short animated videos about Education, Health and Care Plans and their annual reviews, please see below:

Education, Health and Care Plans

Education, Health and Care Plan Reviews

The following documents give good and clear examples of what should be completed in each section:

 Title  Date  Size
7/01/2020 16757k
17/10/2018 1082k
18/12/2017 693k
21/02/2017 1122k

Cumbria County Council have appointed KIDS as the new provider of mediation and dispute resolution in Cumbria.  KIDS can help to sort out disagreements about the needs of children and young people.  Disagreements could be about Education, Health and Care Plan Assessments or Plans or what happens in a school or college.

For further information on KIDS see the leaflets below:

Who We Are

Mediation Advice Leaflet

Easy Read Mediation Leaflet

Refusal to Assess Appeal - You Tube Video

EHC Appeal From You Tube Video

Cumbria SEND IAS Service have put together a factsheet on what to do if you have a concern, complaint or disagreement with an organisation or provider of services for your child.  There are various options detailed here for parents to follow with the aim of resolving their concerns:

Concerns, Complaints and Disputes 2017 Factsheet

A Family Guide to Personalisation, Personal Budgets and EHCP Process Factsheet

How to share your views for your annual review