Cumbria Information Advice and Support Service - How to contact us

Do you want to talk to someone?

This is a completely confidential service and is a free, self-referral service. We prefer requests for help to come from the parents/carers of the child concerned. By making that first contact there is no commitment from you to do anything other than to have someone listen to your concerns.

Your local IAS Service Co-ordinator will listen to your concerns and offer:

  • Appropriate information, impartial advice and practical support;
  • Detailed explanations of how the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) process should work;
  • Information about local and national voluntary organisations;
  • Information about parent support groups in your area;
  • More information about the new SEND laws and Code of Practice (2014).

and could also:

  • Arrange a confidential meeting with you and support you at meetings;
  • Match you with a trained volunteer - Independent Parental Supporter or Independent Supporter;
  • Arrange meetings with other parents who have children with similar needs.

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