Governor Support updates

Governance has never been more critical, and governors and trustees continue to provide support and strategic challenge within their schools and trusts.

In recognition of frequent changes, the Local Authority (LA) circulates communications directly to schools, governors and includes lots of useful information on the Cumbria County Council (CCC) website: 

We hope the information and links above will provide support, however, If you have further queries please contact:

The Governor Support Team newsletter aims to provide information, as well as offer tips and advice to support governing boards to deliver their statutory responsibilities in relation to governance.

 Title  Date  Size
31/10/2022 1326k
15/09/2022 629k
12/07/2022 1087k
19/05/2022 975k
23/03/2022 905k
17/01/2022 1157k
16/11/2021 553k
13/10/2021 934k
8/06/2021 340k