Bus timetable - Stagecoach (508) Windermere

PLEASE NOTE : No service between Patterdale and Windermere between 19 September and 21 October.

Due to a road closure between Hartsop and Patterdale it will not be possible for the 508 to run between Windermere and Patterdale until 22 October

The section of route between Patterdale and Penrith will continue to operate as normal during this period

The service will resume from 22 October until 6th November, when the normal Winter timetable starts, and there will be no service South of Patterdale until Spring 2023.

Buses will continue to operate between Penrith and Patterdale but will be affected by further road closures later in the year.

508 Timetable 19 September until 21 October (no service South of Patterdale)

508 Timetable from 22 October until 6 November

508 Timetable from 7 November (please note as roadworks move North, extra sections of route will be suspended)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused