County council to carry out £6m road improvement works in Barrow

Cumbria County Council is planning to carry out bridge maintenance and road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £ 6 million.

The council is investing around £ 4.5m in a major programme of essential works to Jubilee Bridge in Barrow.

The council is also planning to a package of road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £ 1.5 million.

Jubilee Bridge is now due for some essential maintenance work which must be carried out to secure its future as the main route between Barrow and Walney Island. 

We appreciate that any work to this bridge will unfortunately cause some traffic disruption - sadly this is unavoidable. 

But we have tried to plan this work with the very minimum of disruption - including keeping two lanes open during the day and carrying out some of the work overnight wherever possible. During overnight work there will be no impact on emergency blue light services. 

What work are you carrying out? 
We are undertaking essential and significant maintenance works including re-waterproofing the bridge deck and the repair and the repainting of the steel structure. 

Why are you carrying out this work now? 
It is many years since we carried out extensive maintenance work. This essential maintenance will extend the life of the bridge by many years by improving the condition of its structural steelwork. Jubilee Bridge measures 350m in length, making it Cumbria's longest bridge. It carries up to 24,000 vehicles a day and provides the only mainland crossing to Walney Island. If this work wasn't carried out use of the bridge would eventually be affected.

Who is carrying out the work? 
Cumbria County Council has appointed Story Contracting Ltd as the main contractor for the project. 

When does the work start and how long will the work go on for? 
Story contracting will carry out the work in two phases: 
Phase one - June to September 2018 - Re-waterproof all of the bridge deck 
Phase two - April 2019 to January 2020 - Steelwork repairs and painting to all steelwork over full length of the bridge. 
Phase one - Work on the bridge will take place predominantly through the day. However, some works will need to be undertaken during the night to avoid major disruptions to traffic flow in the town. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained on bridge in the daytime (Monday to Friday 07:00 until 19:30 and Saturday 9:00 until 19:30 and Sunday between 10:30 and 16:30) and it is anticipated the works will have only a limited impact on journey times. The speed limit on the bridge will be reduced to 20mph and no overtaking will be permitted. Additionally, in order to maintain a constant flow of traffic off and onto Walney it will be necessary to restrict some turning manoeuvres at the junction of Central Drive, The Promenade and Ocean Road. Temporary traffic signals will be permitted outside of these times. However, Jubilee Bridge will continue to operate as normal for marine vessels using Walney Channel. 
Phase two - The detail for work in phase two is still being finalised and this will be communicated as soon as we can.

Cumbria County Council is planning to carry out a major package of road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £ 1.5 million.

The road schemes are designed to improve traffic flow, ease traffic congestion and support job creation in Barrow.

The improvements will support further developments of Barrow Waterfront and the wider port area.

They will also support BAE Systems' Site Redevelopment Programme.

The county council plans to carry out the road improvements in two phases:
February 2018 - Summer 2018: Widening of North Road. Funded through the National Productivity Investment Fund, the scheme involves widening the southbound carriageway for an approximate length of 260m to allow continuous two-lane traffic. North Road currently narrows from two southbound lanes to one lane immediately north of Devonshire Dock Hall and then increases to two lanes to the south of the building. This scheme will help improve traffic flow and tackle traffic congestion.

Autumn 2018 - Spring/Summer 2019: A series of road improvements will be delivered by the county council on behalf of BAE Systems, which is funding the works as a Section 278 condition of planning permission. In order to mitigate the impact of BAE System's Site Redevelopment Programme, the following improvements will be carried out during this period:

• A590 North Road / Bridge Road / Jubilee Bridge - 3-Arm signal controlled junction with relocation of Burnaby Street junction arm. Includes stopping up of Burnaby Street access.
• Signalised junctions on A590 North Road - Closure of Devonshire Dock Hall access and reinstatement of footway.
• A590 Jubilee Bridge / Promenade / Central Drive - Addition of upgraded signal control as well as puffin crossing upgrades.
• Abbey Road / Rawlinson Street - Addition of staggered pedestrian crossing on Rawlinson Street arm of the junction.
• North Road - Formation of proposed foot/cycleway and localised widening of North Road to facilitate filter lane for new signalised junction.
• Bridge Road - Formation of proposed carriageway access to Stewart Street and associated visibility splays.
• Michaelson Road/Buccleuch Dock Road - Introduction of traffic control at existing junction, with associated kerb alterations and provision of controlled pedestrian crossing facilities.