County council invested over £6 million road improvement works in Barrow

Cumbria County Council have successfully completed bridge maintenance and road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £6 million.

The council invested around £5 million in a major programme of essential works to Jubilee Bridge in Barrow.

The council also completed road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £1.5million.

In October 2018, Cumbria County Council completed the waterproofing of Jubilee Bridge.

The road widening works on North Road were also completed, which helped to address a key pinch point in the town. 

In 2019, further maintenance works on Jubilee Bridge and junction improvements on North Road, Bridge Road and Michaelson Road were finalised

We would like to thank residents, businesses, the community and visitors for their patience and understanding whilst this project was taking place.

We have successfully completed steelwork and concrete repairs and repainting the Walney end of Jubilee Bridge, which took place from May to December 2019.  Similar works at the Barrow end of Jubilee Bridge and improvements to cycle facilities on the bridge were finalised early 2021, which has been a challenging project due to the pandemic causing unforeseen delays.  . 

Jubilee Bridge measures 350m in length, making it Cumbria's longest bridge. It carries up to 24,000 vehicles a day and provides the only mainland crossing to Walney Island.  This essential maintenance will extend the life of the bridge by many years by improving the condition of its structural steelwork. 

Cumbria County Council have successfully carried out a major package of road improvement works in Barrow valued at more than £ 1.5 million.

The road schemes are designed to improve traffic flow, ease traffic congestion and support job creation in Barrow.

The improvements will support further developments of Barrow Waterfront and the wider port area. They will also support BAE Systems' Site Redevelopment Programme.

Works included:

North Road/Bridge Road - On the junction of North Road/Bridge Road we replaced the existing roundabout with a new traffic light-controlled junction. This junction improvement will support growth at BAE Systems and the Port in the future. Significant improvements to pedestrian crossing facilities are a major element of this scheme. 

Michaelson Road/Buccleuch Dock Road - On the junction of Michaelson Road and Buccleuch Dock Road, a new signalised traffic light-controlled junction will provide safe access to and from BAE System's Buccleuch Dock Road car park and improved pedestrian crossing provision.

Cumbria County Council appointed Story Contracting Ltd as the main contractor for these projects. 

Jubilee Bridge connects the centre of Barrow-in-Furness with Walney Island. The bridge was built in 1908 to cater for the large growth in population on Walney Island after Vickers Shipyard built Vickerstown on the island. The bridge had an innovative design, using a rack and pinion system to swing it open for passing ships. It was initially known as Walney Bridge and there was a toll charged to cross it. However, by 1935 the cost of the bridge had been recouped and the toll was lifted; it was renamed Jubilee Bridge, the late Queen Mother came to officially waive the fee during the Silver Jubilee of King George V. 

The bridge now hosts the A590 road and pedestrian walkways. Prior to the bridge being built there was a chain ferry operated by the Furness Railway Co. (the bridge should not be confused with the Jubilee bridge of 1887 over the Dane Gill Beck in Barrow-in-Furness).

For more information, please visit these websites:

Walney Island


Here are some interesting facts about the maintenance project:

  • Over 140,000 staff hours on site
  • Over 20,000 square metres of grit blasting and painting to the superstructure and substructure 
  • 11,060 kg of waterproofing liquid system applied
  • 5,000 sq metres of waterproofing laid
  • 3,200 sq metres of hot rolled asphalt laid to carriageway, hard shoulder and hard strip
  • 1,500 sq metres of surfacing laid to footways
  • Over 1,000 steelwork repairs to the superstructure
  • 600 metres of new kerbs installed
  • 500 sq metres of mastic asphalt laid to lifting span
  • Over 100 tonnes of scaffolding was installed and removed from the structure to allow access to complete the grit blast, repairs and painting works.


Photographs of the works and completion of Jubilee Bridge. Thank you to Stuart Walker Photography for the images:

Story Contracting inspecting the bridge prior to refurbishment

Story Contracting inspecting the bridge prior to refurbishment

Scaffolding around the bridge for maintenance 

Scaffolding around the bridge for maintenance

The bridge after the works have been completed and is ready for use

The bridge after the works have been completed and is ready for use

Jubilee Bridge completed

Jubilee Bridge completed

The bridge plaques - original plaques that have been refurbished, the centenary plaque, and a new plaque in dedication of the maintenance that has been completed.  

The bridge plaques


Video highlighting the maintenance work that was needed for Jubilee Bridge, including a little bit of history 

Video highlighting the completion of the works on Jubilee Bridge