Board of Trade

Maps and Plans

Transferred from The National Archives, these records originate from various departments of the Board of Trade including those responsible for bankruptcy, railways, marine matters, and harbours.  The bulk of the plans transferred to Cumbria Archive Service are stored according to geographic location. The plans relate to marine and harbour developments and show works constructed on Crown foreshore land. They were used as legal proof of Crown ownership of the foreshore and to regulate foreshore development to provide for safe navigation.

The plans also include records that reflect the wider range of Board of Trade responsibilities. The Board was responsible for approving plans for works and improvements in relating to railways, docks, fisheries, dredging, sewerage, sea walls, piers and harbours, and gun and firing ranges. The Board of Trade administered this from 1840 but was amalgamated with other departments at various times until the 1980s, when authority rested with the Department of Transport for works such as piers, slipways and bridges and with the Commissioners of the Crown Estates for the general foreshore.

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