Harbour Authorities

As a result of the growth of trade and commerce that accompanied the Industrial Revolution, ships grew in size necessitating artificial enlargement and deepening of harbours.

In many cases this was done through local Acts by which trustees or commissioners were incorporated to build or improve and manage docks and harbours.  Many records relating to these harbours are scattered through our holdings but listed below are principal collections:

Port of Barrow

Harrington Harbour and Dock Board

Maryport Harbour Board

Whitehaven Port Book 1677 - 1685

Whitehaven Town and Harbour Trustees 1709-1894

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners 1851-1992

Harrington and Workington Harbours 1726-1930 (Curwen of Workington Hall records)

Workington Harbour and Dock Board 1809-1982 (British Steel records)

Workington Harbour and Dock Board 1931-1988