Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland embraced Presbyterianism as early as 1560. However, as in England, the course of religious development was not smooth, and by the beginning of the 19th century Scottish presbyterianism had fragmented into a number of sects, including the Associate Burgher Synod (which later gave rise to the United Secession Church), the General Associate or Anti-burgher Synod and the Presbytery of Relief. Through the missionary zeal of certain members some of the churches settled in England, and this was the main reason for the revival of English Presbyterianism in the 19th century.

The mid-19th century in Scotland witnessed the rise of the Episcopalians, the advance of the Congregationalists and Baptists and further splits in the Church of Scotland. However, successive unions towards the end of the century culminated in the reunion of the Church of Scotland in 1929.

Church of Scotland, Carlisle