Adult adoptees and birth families

If you live in Cumbria and want to access your birth records, we can offer:

1.  Support from an experienced adoption worker who will help you locate your birth records and share these with you.  You will need to be 18 to do this.  We will also support you in understanding why you were adopted and talking through your feelings about this.

2.  Information about the adoption contact register: This puts adopted adults and their birth relatives, if registered, in touch with one another and is administered by the General Register Office.

3.  Whilst we do not currently undertake tracing we do offer an intermediary service for adopted adults who are living in Cumbria.  This means if you locate a birth relative we will make the initial contact on your behalf and support you through the process of reunion.  

4.  If you are adopted and do not wish to be contacted by a birth relative you can place a veto on your life.  You can lodge either an absolute veto, no contact at all, or a partial veto, setting out specific conditions for contact.  We can offer you advice and support in doing this.

If you want advice accessing your birth records or an intermediary service you can contact the adoption support team on: 0303 333216 - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or email:

From November 2015 if you are a descendant or other relative of an adopted adult you can request an intermediary service to make contact with an adopted person's birth relatives.  Cumbria County Council do not offer this service but information about this new rule and agencies that may provide this service can be found on the Adoption Search Reunion website. 

Cumbria offers an independent service for birth relatives who are or have been affected by adoption.

Birth relatives are entitled to an assessment for specific services.  Our 'Affected by Adoption' service can offer:

1. General advice and information around adoption.

2. Support to you, as a birth parent, during care proceedings when your child has a plan of adoption.  We can help you understand the adoption process including post adoption contact arrangements and what it means for you.  We can support you in providing information for your child.  We can help you talk through your feelings about this and, if appropriate, signpost you to other services.

3. Support and advice with post adoption contact arrangements including help in writing letters through our Mailbox Service.

4. Signposting to agencies who can assist birth relatives wishing to make contact with an adopted child who is aged over eighteen.  This is called an intermediary service.  Cumbria County Council do not currently offer this service.

5. Information about the adoption contact register.  This puts adopted adults and their birth relatives, if registered, in touch with one another and is administered by the General Register Office.

If you want advice or wish to request support you can contact the Adoption Support Team on: 0303 333 1216 - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  If your child still has a social worker they can make the referral on your behalf.

Every agency has an adoption support service advisor (ASSA), who can provide advice and information to all involved in adoption.  The ASSA can also help you access adoption support and other specialist services:

Cumbria ASSA is:

Jane Gray
Adoption Support Team Manager
Adoption Support Service Advisor (ASSA)
South Lakeland House
Lowther Street

Telephone number: 0303 333 1216