Adoption Support Fund

Following an assessment the adoption support team may be able to make an application for funding for specific therapeutic support to the 'Adoption Support Fund'.  Further information can be found on the first4adoption and Adoption UK websites.  You can also contact the post adoption support team for further advice or to request an assessment.

Some children and young people are not to live with their birth families and need to become part of a new family through adoption.  There are many different reasons why children are adopted.  Sometimes a judge decides adoption is the plan for a child because there are concerns about a child's safety or care.  Sometimes birth parents don't feel able to look after their children as they grow up.

When you have been adopted into your new family we hope that everything will go well for all of you.  We know that being adopted may not be easy and that there may be times that you or your parents have questions and feelings that you need some help with.

As you are growing up there may be times when you have strong feelings about things.  When we have strong feelings, like hurt or anger or excitement we don't always know where they come from.

Sometimes these feelings can affect your parents too.  If you don't understand how you feel, then it's difficult for your parent to know how you fell and how to help you.

We can:

  • Listen

  • Help you understand why you were adopted

  • Help you understand and answer questions about being adopted

  • Talk to you about contact with your family

  • Help your parents understand the strong feelings you might sometimes have and show then how you can all work together to help each other

  • Help you talk to your parents about difficult things

  • Help you meet other adopted children and young people at our social events and groups

  • Help your teachers to understand how you might be feeling in school and how they can help you feel happier when you are there

If you can, try talking to your mum or dad, but if you find this too hard, talk to a family friend, teacher or another adult you feel you can trust.

All these people can contact the Adoption Support Team for you, or you can contact us yourself:

We need to understand how things are going for your whole family so we would want to meet with you and your family.  This could be at your home or wherever you felt most comfortable.

When we have listened to everyone and we understand how everyone is feeling and what you need help with, we will agree the best way to support you all and we will check that you feel happy with this.

Every agency has an adoption support service advisor (ASSA), who can provide advice and information to all this involved in adoption.  The ASSA can also help you access adoption support and other specialist services.

The Cumbria's ASSA is:
Jane Gray
Team Manager Adoption Support
People Cumbria County Council
County Hall
Busher Walk