Beccy is a smiley and affectionate little girl who loves cuddles. She has short, brown hair and brown eyes. She is petite for her age, she can move around independently and is crawling, and she has learnt to pull herself to her feet. She is full of fun and has a cheeky personality. She is a very determined little girl.

Beccy sleeps well and usually right through the night. Her eating can be hit and miss but she is currently eating really well. She is prone to becoming tired. She is keen to learn and very interested in everything around her. She is a sociable little girl who likes to be out and about rather than spending too much time in the home.

She is limited with her speech but this is progressing. She is now attending nursery five mornings a week with funding that 15 hours of support through her Education Health and Care Plan provides. Rebecca requires one-to-one support at all times within Nursery to ensure health and safety.

She is doing well at nursery and has bonded with a couple of children after her initial shyness. She is described as being very 'driven'. She is able to move about aided by a walker and it was noted that she does not like getting dirty. Beccy's speech is delayed but she is making good progress and the speech therapist was reported to be happy with her improvement.

Beccy likes to play with interactive toys and enjoys attending the local disability play groups, she enjoys sensory play and spends time in the sensory room at playgroup. She loves stories and nursery times, she likes it when you sing to her. She enjoys having a bath and likes to have water gently poured over her and laughs at this. She likes music and will dance along to this.

Beccy was born prematurely at around 8 months and her mother had difficulties with substance and alcohol abuse and used these in pregnancy. Beccy's birth mother was given the opportunity to care for her in a mother and baby placement but she left this placement after only a few days.

Beccy has recently been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. She has very good head control and is getting stronger all the time, her upper body strength is good. She has delayed development for her age however she is making good progress. She has been provided with a seat, standing frame and pushchair to promote her development and make her more comfortable and help her to play.

She has regular appointments with the Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, Occupation Therapy, Opthamologist, Paediatric Consultant, Community Paediatric Consultant.

Beccy would benefit from having two parents, she needs one-to-one care from her adopters and would benefit from a parent being at home with her to meet her needs and fulfil her potential. She would be happy in a family where there are other children as she gets a lot of stimulation from being around other children.

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