Lydia, Ruby and Lucas

Lydia, Ruby and Lucas have been living with their foster carers since 2015 when they first came into care but are now looking for a forever family. Could you be their someone? 

Lydia has fine long blond hair and big brown eyes. She is a quieter child who can be shy at first meeting but once she gets to know you she is chatty, bubbly and very engaging. She loves dancing, singing and Disney princesses. She has a very close bond with her siblings, Ruby and Lucas, for whom she took on a caring role when the children lived at home with their birth parents.

At times, Lydia can be an anxious child and likes to have consistent routines in place to help her feel safe. Ruby has short 'bobbed' brown hair and big brown eyes. Ruby is a very happy and likeable child and has a very funny sense of humour and a cheeky little character. She loves 'Peppa Pig' and imaginative play especially 'schools' when she will pretend to be the teacher.

Lucas has a chunky build and has brown hair and big brown eyes. He is a very happy toddler and is always smiling and has a very cheeky grin. He is a very sociable little boy and loves to play with his big sisters. His favourite toys are cars and anything musical. He is walking and is just starting to talk and whilst he is not forming many full words yet he is very vocal and understands everything. 

All the children are good eaters and sleep well. Their foster carers say they have lovely manners and they can take them anywhere.

Lydia has just started school and tries very hard. She is behind her peers academically but making steady progress. She attends a nurture group at school. Ruby has just started reception class and loves school. She is very independent and has settled in well. She is meeting all her academic targets. Lucas loves spending time out and about with his foster carers and is described by them as bright and inquisitive.

Lydia, Ruby and Lucas have been with the same foster carers since 2015 when they first came into Local Authority care.  The 3 siblings were exposed to neglectful home conditions when they lived with their birth parents.

These delightful children need a loving family who will accept them for who they are and celebrate their many achievements and talents. They need lots of attention and stimulation from a family who are able to provide both firm and consistent routines and calm, patient and nurturing parenting strategies. Their adoptive family will need to meet the collective and individual needs of all 3 children.

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