Jane is an active, healthy, happy and very engaging little girl. She has dark hair, brown eyes and a very big smile.

Jane has a slim build and is considered to be quite dainty. She is affectionate, polite and chatty. She likes lots of adult attention to reassure her but she can, at times, be very demanding of adult attention and sometimes has temper tantrums and tries to push boundaries. Jane therefore needs her carers to provide her with calm, clear and consistent boundaries.

Jane's bedtime routine is important to her and she finds it stressful if this is not followed.

Whilst loving sport, enjoying competition and playing outdoors, Jane is also a 'girly' girl. She loves her dolls, dressing up, doing her hair and all things sparkly.

She really enjoys playing games, listening to music, likes to dance and enjoys being the centre of attention.

She is academically bright and enjoys school. She works very hard at school and is meeting, if not exceeding, all her academic targets. She has a younger sister who she has a strong bond with. Her sister has already moved to her adoptive placement and the plan is for direct contact to take place twice a year.

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