James' foster carer said:

'James is a happy and bubbly little boy, he's five and loves his balance bike!'

Here's what others say…

James is a little boy with a big wide smile, dark brown hair and big brown eyes. He appears short in stature for his age which is partly due to his developmental delays.

When he first entered care he was very quiet and reserved with limited speech, however with support of his hearing aids and through his Education Health Care Plan his speech and language are improving and he is now able to engage you in play and his environment.

James can be wary of new people but as he gets to know you he is happy to interact with you. He is now enjoying life, he loves playing outside, he has good coordination when running around or when he is on his bicycle. He loves going to the park and he enjoys going to the Zoo but he has a fear of cats and dogs.

James has been in care for a year and has established a good attachment to his foster carer. He entered care after suffering neglectful home conditions.

James will continue to require support from a multi-disciplinary team, including speech and language support and community paediatrics and will continue to receive paediatric assessment from the hospital.

Professionals working with James are confident that he will catch up in line with children of his age, prospective adopters will need to be prepared to support James to progress.

Prospective adopters will also need to be prepared that James is likely to require extensive hospital, health or education appointments or assessments and consequently they will need to be able to allocate the time and support James needs.

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