Harry and Beth

Harry has short blonde straight hair, a pale complexion and is of average height and weight. He is a smiley and endearing child.

He presents as a loving and affectionate little boy, who doesn't hide his feelings and needs reassurance from people close to him.

He can be demanding and finds it difficult to stay focused on one task for too long. He has very good self-care skills and likes his hair to look nice. He enjoys playing with Lego and toy dinosaurs. He loves pretend stories where he is 'Sir Harry' and his sister Beth is the Princess. 

Beth has long blonde straight hair which she sometimes wears in a ponytail or plait.  She has a pale complexion, is of small stature and has delicate facial features. She's smiley and gaining a really fun sense of humour. She can be strong willed in respect of her older brother though is also an affectionate child with him and others familiar to her. Beth's self-care skills are very good, she likes to look nice.  Beth's speech is excellent; she can form complex sentences. She enjoys playing with her dollies, engages well in pretend play and like her brother loves to watch 'Peter Rabbit'.  

Both Harry and Beth are lively energetic children - they can be boisterous in their play with each other and this can lead to them hitting each other. They are both said to play nicely with other children, have friends and also get on well with known adults. In the latter context Beth shows her wariness around adults less familiar whereas Harry shows less wariness and can be overfamiliar with unknown adults.                            

Harry and Beth lived with their birth parents until 2012. There were concerns regarding physical abuse due to the children having unexplained non-accidental bruising and injuries.

Harry is a physically healthy little boy. He has recently been prescribed glasses, he likes wearing them and feels this has helped him read and write better. He eats and sleeps well and is an active little boy.

Beth is a healthy little girl; eats and sleeps well. She was prescribed an inhaler after being wheezy. She is energetic and active.  Both Harry and Beth were said by the dentist to have beautiful white teeth. Both children have recently started having therapy and have been responding well to this.

Potential adopters will need to have an understanding of the trauma they have experienced, whilst very young. Adopters will need to be committed to providing highly attuned parenting and significant one-to-one attention.  Prospective adopters will also need to be aware of the children's longer term need for therapy post-placement.

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