About the children

Adoption is a child-focused process. Everyone involved cares about the needs of children and wants to provide the best possible future for those children.

As you go through the adoption process, it's important to remember that:

You want to adopt because you want to be a parent. …Because you want to share your love with a child who has had a difficult start in life…. Because you want to provide them with a stable home.

Everyone involved in the adoption process has this same aim. They want to find the right home, the right parents, for the right children. The questions you are asked, the training you will undertake, is all focused on establishing that you have the strengths needed to love and provide for these children.

"She has had a lot of things to deal with at such a young age. We've had difficult moments, challenging times, ups and downs but it doesn't seem any different to being a parent to a child you gave birth too."

Every child who is placed for adoption has experienced the loss of their birth parents - because, for whatever reason, their birth parents are not able or suitable to provide them with the love and care they need. They may come from complex, troubled backgrounds and need a good deal of support and love. The adoption process is designed to ensure that you can provide the love and reliable care to help them rebuild their trust in adults and lead a fulfilled life.

"...our son is an inspiration in how he's handled such a life change. I know he will continue to inspire us."