Overview and Scrutiny

As part of the Government's modernising programme for local councils a new way of working for elected members has been introduced.

Gone are the days of lengthy committee meetings and in their place a cabinet style of decision-making has evolved.

Overview and Scrutiny is the "watch-dog" of the Authority, providing the checks and balances that ensure the decisions that are made, truly reflect the needs of the people of Cumbria.  It is an integral part of the county council's governance arrangements.

Effective scrutiny is based on gathering data from a range of sources and applying this information to the final report to cabinet, full council or other external bodies.

This process ensures that any recommendations that come from the review process are evidence-based and accordingly can help to influence cabinet in its policy development and decision-making processes.


"effective public scrutineers should make an impact on the delivery of public services" (extract from the Good Scrutiny Guide, Centre for Public Scrutiny - CfPS)