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On-street parking enforcement and fines

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Cumbria County Council is responsible for the enforcement of on-street parking restrictions in Allerdale, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden, Barrow and South Lakeland. 

All of the district councils are responsible in their own right for managing their own off-street car parks. 

The council’s aims in the enforcement of on-street parking restrictions are:

  • To benefit pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers as well as other drivers by reducing the amount of illegal and inconsiderate parking.
  • To improve road safety through enforcement action against drivers of illegally or dangerously parked vehicles.
  • To improve the street environment for those who visit, live or work in the county.
  • To reduce congestion.
  • To ensure better availability and turnover of disabled and short term parking spaces in town centres, allowing more people to park.   

Penalty charge notices are issued for parking contraventions that take place on the street:

  • Parking on double or single yellow lines.
  • Parking without setting your parking disc (if within a disc zone).
  • Parking in residents bays without displaying an exemption permit.
  • Parking in bays for disabled people, without displaying the required ‘blue badge.’
  • Parking in loading bays.
  • Overstaying time limits in short term parking areas.
  • Parking on school keep clear markings and bus stop clearways
  • Parking on zigzag lines at pedestrian crossings and within taxi ranks
  • Parking across dropped kerbs 
  • Parking more than 50cm from the kerb (subject to additional legislation)       

If you are issued with a penalty charge notice, do not ignore it. It may carry an extra charge if not paid or contested promptly.

Changes to parking enforcement from 31 March 2008

From 31 March 2008, new parking regulations together with national guidance were introduced. they cover both on and off-street parking and aim to make enforcement fairer and more transparent. They also seek to focus local authorities on tackling road safety and congestion. Regular reviews will be carried out to ensure the intended results are being achieved.