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Alley Gating

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Alley gating is a method of controlling access to the back lanes to properties / premises, for residents, service personnel and other authorised people. This is achieved by the installation of lockable gates placed at strategic locations within the alleyways. The installation of alleygates leads to :

Less - burglary,theft, litter/fly tipping, fire, anti-social behaviour
More – private space, control, road safety 

This in turn leads to a cleaner and safer environment, improved community spirit and reduced waste management costs for local authorities.  

Areas considered for alley gates will be prioritised and zones selected by the Alleygate Partnership Group, using local statistics from the police, fire service, district councils’ environmental health teams and the county council’s community unit, which have the highest numbers of:

Domestic burglaries/break ins at the rear of properties in the area over previous years 

  1. Areas with a high incidence of arson and anti-social fires e.g. Wheelie-bin fires
  2. Reports of anti-social behaviour including drug dealing/usage
  3. Reports of dog fouling, fly tipping and graffiti in the area        

Upon selection of a proposed zone the county council will facilitate the consultation exercise with residents of the relevant streets to seek agreement. There will be 3 methods of consultation: letter, public meeting and door-to-door; and in cases where the back lane is public highway, by formal statutory notices.

General consensus will be required with a high percentage of residents agreeable to the installation of gates.