NPIF National Productivity Investment Fund 2017/18

Following the announcement of the new National Productivity Investment Fund in January 2017, Cumbria County Council has received £ 4.606m .  This funding has to be spent on projects throughout Cumbria to reduce congestion at key locations, upgrade or improve the maintenance of local highways assets and to improve access to employment and housing sites.  The funding has to be spent in the financial year 2017/18.

To meet the funding timescales and budget projects have been identified in each District area throughout Cumbria, to cover the following criteria:

  • Widening of highway to improve flow of traffic and highways asset improvement in Workington.

  • Improve access to unlock development sites in Barrow.

  • Construction of additional inbound lane to reduce congestion at junctions to support economic growth in Carlisle.

  • Road widening on approach to key roundabout to support and unlock the delivery of additional employment land in Penrith.

  • Road maintenance scheme to access a key public service in Whitehaven.

  • Road widening scheme and improved access to employment sites in Kendal and Burneside.

  • Enhance communications and control at signalised junctions to reduce congestion in urban centres across Cumbria.



NPIF - A69 Warwick Road / Eastern Way - Capacity Improvements - Consultation Now Closed

Cumbria County Council is now reviewing the consultation feedback from local residents regarding the proposal to widen Warwick Road and create an extra lane.


The original proposal was intended to address projected future traffic growth including supporting Carlisle City Council's recently adopted Carlisle District Local Plan (2015-2030) and Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This identifies infrastructure improvements to support the expected traffic, housing and employment growth in the city.


We will now work closely with the City Council and partners to carefully consider the resident feedback and discuss options for how the scheme might progress, recognising that a range of issues have been raised by consultation respondents.


Consultation feedback, via questionnaires and the public meeting, raised issues including:


�            The justification for the scheme in terms of current traffic volumes

�            Safety concerns regarding access to driveways for local residents

�            Loss of trees

�            Increased pollution, noise and vibration

�            Potential increase in flood risk

�            Lack of provision for cycling.


A final decision on the scheme is likely to be made by the end of September and could mean progressing with the original proposal, progressing with an amended proposal or withdrawing the scheme entirely. We will ensure that residents are kept informed and engaged.


NPIF Consult Work Warwick Road Eastern Way.pdf (2MB)

NPIF Consult Warwick Road Montgomery Way.pdf (3MB)


NPIF - Hollins Lane, Kendal - Carriageway Widening Scheme - Consultation Now Closed

Hollins Lane Option 1.pdf (169kb)

Hollins Lane Option 2.pdf (166kb)

Hollins Lane Option 3.pdf (167kb)

Hollins Lane Option 4.pdf (163kb)


NPIF - Mintsfeet Road, Kendal - Access Improvement Scheme - Consultation Now Closed

Mintsfeet Option 1.pdf (223kb)

Mintsfeet Option 2.pdf (256kb)

Mintsfeet Option 3.pdf (230kb)


Comments and queries regarding these schemes can be emailed to




Two bids for NPIF funding were submitted to the Department of Transport on 30 June 2017.

Carlisle  Package of Improvements
The scheme is for three junction improvements and two cycleway improvements in Carlisle which were developed to support the Carlisle Local Plan.

NPIF - Carlisle Package of Improvements (569kb)

Whitehaven  North Shore Access Improvements
The scheme is to provide improvements to the Bransty Row/North Shore Road junction and enhance the pedestrian connectivity to support development proposals.

NPIF - Whitehaven North Shore Access Improvements (588kb)