Nationality Checking Service

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) is a partnership between the Home Office Nationality Group and a number of local councils in England and Wales. 

The participating councils will offer an optional service to those applicants who wish to take advantage of it. For a fee, the designated councils will check that applications for British nationality are completed correctly and have been submitted with all the necessary supporting documents such as passports, certificates and proof of English proficiency.

The completed applications will then be forwarded to the Home Office by special delivery post. Applications of this type can be dealt with, on average, more quickly than those that are not properly completed. Those using the service will be able to keep their passports and other important documents rather than send them to the Home Office.

Applicants must satisfy 3 main criteria. They must have: an appropriate residential qualification dependent on the section of the Immigration Act under which they are applying, 
have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom must have proficiency in English Language and members of the EEA Communities must have a Permanent Residence Card (PRC)

Do all local authorities provide this service?

No. It is up to the individual council to decide whether to provide the service. If you live in an area where the council does not provide the checking service you can submit your application through any participating local authority.

The Nationality Checking Service is no longer available in Cumbria. 

 Advice or information can be found by:

- contacting your local citizens advice bureau

- calling the Home Office Enquiries Bureau Helpdesk on: 0300 123 2253

- visiting the home office website at:

 Information about becoming a British Citizen can be found at: