Photography at marriage ceremonies

Please note that all photography and video recording, professional or otherwise, is by permission of the presiding Superintendent Registrar.


Allowed during the ceremony:

  • photograph as the bride and groom enter

  • photograph of the exchange of rings

  • photograph of the first kiss

Flash guns may be used only with the permission of the presiding Superintendent Registrar, and must be agreed prior to the ceremony.

Photographers are welcome to take photographs before and after the formal ceremony, however it is important that all ceremonies begin on time.

No delay should be as a result of photographs being taken.


Video recording is at the discretion of the bride and groom, but the following applies throughout the formal ceremony:

  • only one video camera to be used;

  • the recordist should remain stationary.

It is the responsibility of the couple to advise their chosen photographer of the above guidance.  Cameras must be battery operated to avoid trailing cables, which are a potential health and safety risk to the couple, their guests and employees of Cumbria County Council.