Pre Planning Application Advice

The Development Control team provides a pre application service for applicants to obtain advice on potential minerals and waste developments through discussion with planning officers before submitting a planning application.

This advice covers what the relevant considerations for such an application are likely to be and the information that is likely to be required to accompany a planning application.

It will generally include an officer view as to whether or not planning permission is likely to be granted.

The charges for this service:

  • For Major developments the fee is £ 420 (+ VAT) - i.e. £ 504
  • For Minor developments the fee is £ 210 (+ VAT) - i.e. £ 252

Please note that these fees are reviewed annually and any increases are applied from the 1 April.

A development is classed as major if it involves a land area of 1 hectare or more or if it involves the construction of a building whose footprint reaches or exceeds 75 sq. metres. Any developments below these thresholds are classed as minor.

The protocol below provides further details about pre planning application advice, including information on the benefits of obtaining pre-application advice; how to apply; further details regarding fees; and the terms, conditions and level of service provided.

All requests for pre-application advice must be accompanied by a completed copy of the application form below.

The form, associated documents and requisite fee should be sent to:

Cumbria County Council, Development Control Team, County Offices, Busher Walk, Kendal, LA9 4RQ

Electronic copies of the forms and documents can also be emailed to: