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8/10/2012 - County Council publishes members` allowances and expenses for 2011/12

Cumbria County Council has published details of councillors' allowances and expenses for 2011/12.

All 84 county councillors are entitled to a basic allowance of £ 8,030 per year in recognition of the time and commitment they devote to the task. Members did not receive an increase in their allowances last year and their allowance will also be frozen this year.

The county council pays an additional allowance to some councillors, known as a special responsibility allowance. This recognises the extra responsibilities and workloads for members of the cabinet, chairs and vice-chairs of local committees, scrutiny panel chairs, group leaders, deputy leader and leader of the council.

Both the basic and the special responsibility allowances are determined by an Independent Remuneration Panel and members' expenses are subject to external audit from the district auditors.

In 2011/12 the total cost of allowances and expenses for all 84 members was £ 1,066,248 - an increase of just 0.05 per cent on the £ 1,065,704 claimed in 2010/11.

The increase of £ 7,746 on allowances was offset by a reduction in travel/subsistence of £ 7,203 giving the total net increase of just £ 543.

Download a PDF showing individual county councillor's allowances, expenses and special responsibilities for the year 2011/12 here

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