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26/7/2012 - Annual Proclamation of Broughton Fair

On Wednesday 1 August 2012, at 12 Noon, the picturesque village of Broughton in Furness will witness the Annual Proclamation of the Fair.

In their capacity as Lords of the Manor of Broughton, the Cumbria County Council continues to re- enact this centuries old Ceremony with traditional pomp and pageantry, including the "quaffing of good ale" and the scattering of pennies to children.

Having assembled in the lounge of The Old King's Head Hotel at 11.45 am, the official party will be led to the Obelisk in the Village Square by the Bailiff, Mr Joss Curwen, carrying the ceremonial halberd.

From the steps of the Obelisk, County Councillor Mrs Susan Brown will introduce the proceedings, and County Councillor Norman Clarkson, Chairman of the County Council, will read the Proclamation to the assembled villagers.  The Proclamation will be repeated by Parish Councillor Mrs Elaine Knowles, Chairman of the Parish Council.

After the singing of the National Anthem, and to the delight of the local children, the spectacle will continue with the scattering of new pennies by the Chairman and other members of the official party.

The villagers will then be invited to return to The Old King's Head Hotel where, in time-honoured fashion, they will receive Fair Cake and ale, after which County Councillor Norman Clarkson will propose a toast to "The Queen, Duke of Lancaster".

County Councillor Norman Clarkson will round off the proceedings when he signs the Charter, which contains the signatures of every person who has read the Proclamation since Henry Stanley, Lord Strange, 4th Earl of Derby, first proclaimed the Charter in 1593.