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Author:Brampton, Sally
Title:Shoot the Damn Dog

ISBN No.:9780747572411

Sally Brampton is an optimist. The founding editor of Elle magazine, a successful journalist and novelist, she loves gardening, friends and life. She is also a depressive. This book provides a memoir of her journey through depression.

Author:Hanson, Michele
Title:Living with Mother

ISBN No.:9781844083848

In Michele Hanson's bittersweet columns in the Guardian, collected here, she explored the physical deterioration of her spirited and resilient elderly mother. From bowel trouble to views on Camilla Parker-Bowles, life is never dull in the Household from Hell.

Author:Milligan,S. & Clare. A
Title:Depression and How to Survive it.

ISBN No.:9780099858300


Author:Oakley, Ann
Title:Fracture : Adventures of a Broken Body

ISBN No.:9781861349378

'Fracture' mixes personal experience with 'facts' derived from other literatures, including the history of medicine, neurology, the sociology of health and illness, philosophy, and legal discourses on the right to life and people as victims of a greedy litigation system

Author:Wurtzel, W
Title:Prozac nation

ISBN No.:9780704380080