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Novels and Poetry

Author:Almond, D
Title:Secret Heart

ISBN No.:97803450743690

Joe Maloney is out of place in this world. His once-loving mother has fallen under the influence of her boyfriend, whose presence overshadows Joe's every move. His friend Stanny thinks that Joe should toughen up with a weekend in the wilderness

Author:Astley. N
Title:Staying Alive ; Real Poems for Unreal Times

ISBN No.:9781852245887

Staying Alive includes many of the great modern love poems and elegies, but it also shows the power of poetry in celebrating the ordinary miracle, taking you on a journey around many of the different aspects of everyday life explored in poems.

Author:Ayres, P
Title:Surgically Enhanced

ISBN No.:9780340922798

For anyone who enjoys beautifully crafted stories and poems to make you laugh and make you think, this collection is from one of Britain's best-loved poets and entertainers, Pam Ayres.

Author:Darling, J
Title:The Poetry Cure

ISBN No.:9781852246907

This volume contains poems to help people recovering from physical and mental illness.

Author:Davies, S
Title:The eyrie

ISBN No.:9780753823545

Three women, an ex-Communist, a Welsh radical, and a mother on the run from domesticity, meet and their stories unfold as they make their new home at The Eyrie.

Author:Doyle, R
Title:Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

ISBN No.:9780749397357

It is 1968. Paddy Clarke is ten years old, breathless with discovery. He reads with a child's voraciousness, collecting facts the way adults collect grey hairs and parking tickets.

Author:Haddon, M
Title:The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime

ISBN No.:9780756958480

The narrator of this remarkable novel is Christopher Boone, a 15-year-old boy who has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, that means he is unable to understand human emotions. He is, however, highly intelligent and can rattle off all kinds of facts and figures, particularly those pertaining to his speciality - maths. 

Author:Toibin, C
Title:The Blackwater Lightship

ISBN No.:9780330389860

The Blackwater Lightship is a novel about morals and manners, about culture clashes and clashes of personalities, but it is also a novel full of stories, as the characters give an account of themselves, and the others listen.