Cumbria Libraries eBooks

Our secure eBook service allows you to download eBooks onto your computer, eBook reader, tablet or smartphone. This service is free for members of Cumbria Library Service
You can download eBooks for up to 21 days with no overdues, as loans expire after 3 weeks.

We now have three different eBook providers, all offering an exciting choice of titles - romance, drama, suspense, biography, children's titles and much, much more!

Getting started

To use the eBooks service you need to:

1. Be a member of Cumbria Library Service. Not a member? You can join the library online 
2. Have your membership number, which is displayed on your library card.

3. Know your library account Password.  Forgotten your PASSWORD?

Browse the wide range of adult fiction, non-fiction and children's titles on the Askews and Holts eBook catalogue, and begin downloading today!

The new 'Libro' app replaces the need to use any other apps. 



If you are having problems, read the Askews & Holts Frequently Asked Questions

Or use the online contact form



Log in, browse the BorrowBox library of the world's best authors and titles, and start borrowing today!

You can download and borrow eBooks via the web, or use the award-winning, easy to use BorrowBox app  - the world's first eAudiobook and eBook digital library solution in one app. It incorporates a dedicated eAudiobook player and eBook reader, allowing you to search, browse, borrow, read and play all within the one app. When you log in you will be asked to enter the first 3 letters of your library. Please type CUM for Cumbria.


Download the free BorrowBox app for your device from the App Store

Download the free BorrowBox app for your device from Google Play

Download the free BorrowBox app for your device from Amazon Fire


If you are having problems, read the Borrowbox help page or contact  

A BorrowBox account may take up to two days to be activated.


RBdigital offers Audiobooks and eBooks from a variety of genres ranging from Crime and Thrillers, to classics and Children's Fiction.


Download the free RBdigital app for your device:


If you are having problems, read the RBdigital  help page or email the

customer services team