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Equality and Diversity

 Equality and Diversity - Welcome to Library and Archives Equality and Diversity website. The Library and Archives Services is committed to ensuring citizens of Cumbria have fair access to our services. On this website you will find out what we are doing to promote a fair society for everyone in Cumbria. 

Our vision for Equality is outlined in 'Equality for All'  and is based on the following definitions:


Equality is about everyone having the same chances in life and getting the same access to the services they need.


Diversity is about understanding and respecting people's different needs and aspirations. We cannot achieve equality without addressing diversity.

Equality is not about treating everyone the same.

'Equality for All'  is Cumbria County Council's single equality scheme.  An Equality Scheme is a document which sets out how we will meet our legal responsibility to promote equality across everything we do.

Reaching 'Excellent' - Use this link for information

Equality Impact Assessments  - Equality impact assessments (EIAs) help public authorities make sure their policies, and the ways they carry out their functions, do what they are intended to do. They are for everybody to make sure they are not disadvantaging any sections of the population. This we call a negative impact.  EIAs are also a good way of positively promoting work that is carried out.

Wherever we find a negative impact we have to:

         Check whether we can take action to address it.

         Set objectives to address it in our annual Service Plans.

         Make sure that it is being built into staff appraisal objectives.  

Equalities Partners - Use this link for information

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