Joining the Alternative Employment Programme

To apply online to join the Alternative Employment Programme (AEP) you will need to have a MyHR login and password.  If you don't have a login and password please contact 01228 223477.

Before applying for the programme, select 'Existing user login' from the menu - this will ensure that you are able to see all vacancies - internal and external.

To register for the AEP programme, go to the current vacancies page, type 'Alternative' into the Keywords field and click 'Search'

This will take you to the 'Alternative Employment Registration' advert.  Click the 'Apply now' icon to start completing your application form.  You must complete all the mandatory fields before the system will allow you to submit your form.  Please ensure that you follow the instructions to complete the submission of your application.  Use the 'Next', 'Previous' or 'Summary' buttons at the bottom of each page to move through the application form.  Do not use the 'Back' button on your web browser. When your form has been accepted you will receive an email confirmation.

You can revisit the site and update incomplete applications or request a copy of a previously submitted application through the 'My applications' link.