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What Happens When You Apply for Support From Adult Social Care

We will first work out with you what care and support you need by undertaking an assessment of your needs.

  • This assessment helps us to understand things from your point of view, agree on how best to help you to meet your needs, decide whether you are eligible for support funded by us and what contribution you need to make to the cost of your care and support.
  • During your assessment, we will ask you about different aspects of your life, and what outcomes you would like to achieve.

We will work out the costs and payments.

  • Once we know what your eligible needs are, we can work out the amount of money we think it will cost to meet them. This is called your indicative amount and gives you an indication of how much funding we could make available to fund support to help you meet your eligible needs.

Together, we will determine what you want to achieve and the support you need to achieve it, resulting in your Care and Support Plan.  This sets out what care and support you will receive to help you meet your needs and achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Everyone's Care and Support Plan is different.
  • It can be in whatever format suits you best.
  • You can make your Care and Support Plan yourself or ask us or someone else to help you with it, such as family, friends, a service provider, etc.

We will then review and approve your care and support plan.  Once approved, the cost of the care and support we will fund will become your personal budget.

  • We have to charge for care and support services which means that you may need to contribute towards your personal budget.
  • We work out how much you need to pay using the information you give us about your finances during your financial assessment. This will take into account your income and capital, including savings and property.

Finally, with your personal budget approved, you can start setting up your care and support.  Care and support can be set up in several different ways:

  • Some support can be arranged directly by Adult Social Care if you ask us to do this.
  • You can choose to fund and arrange your own care and support.  We can help you to choose the provider(s) and make arrangements.
  • You can choose to ask a service provider to help you set up and manage your care and support using an Individual Service Fund.  This is where we make funding available using a prepaid card and your chosen provider uses this to arrange and pay for the services you choose.
  • You can choose to set up support yourself using a Direct Payment via a prepaid card. This is when we give you an agreed amount of money (minus your own financial contribution towards this) so that you can arrange your own care. Advice and support is available to help you do this.
  • You can also have any combination of the above.