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Bridges and Roads Update

Flooding advice and latest news

Whilst we will make every effort to make this list as comprehensive as possible, due to the high number of damaged roads and bridges, each update may not always include a full list of all roads and bridges in Cumbria. As damage is repaired and roads and bridges re-opened the information in this update will change.

Bridges and Roads update July 2017 (PDF 205kb)

Last updated 18 August 2017
U1140Bell Bridge and Bell Bridge Lonning, SeberghamAllerdale Complete collapse
of bridge and river erosion alongside carriageway.

Bell Bridge Sebergham: This bridge completely collapsed. Replacement of the bridge with a more resilient structure is being progressed. Design is nearing approval.

Bell Lonning: River erosion alongside the carriageway has resulted in the road being closed. The first phase of works to replace the top soil and re-instate a fence between existing sheet piles has been completed.

The works required at Bell Bridge Sebergham and carriageway works at Bell Lonning have been combined. Story (Contracting) Ltd has been appointed and the design has been selected but confirmation is due once the flood risk assessment is complete.

The works are planned to be undertaken during the Summer 2017 in river working window for an anticipated opening before the end of the year.

 Rumbling Bridge, near Abbeytown Allerdale Collapse of parapet wall following landslide on adjacent retaining slope CLOSED 

The landslide area adjacent to this bridge has been surveyed and assessed and a design solution is being progressed. At present, the detailed design is currently under review. Upon completion of the final design, we will procure a contractor to undertake the repair works.

The repair works are due to start in the 2017 in river working window.


Brougham Old Bridge

EdenMajor damage to substructure and masonry cutwaterCLOSED

Stabilisation works are now complete.

It has been confirmed that the next stage of the works is to reconstruct the structure to its existing width, for pedestrians and cyclists only. The permanent construction phase is to commence in the in river working window, following further coring of the foundations. Works are expected to be complete in Summer 17.

 Broad Head Bridge, Grayrigg Sth Lakeland Significant damage during follow up inspection CLOSED

The extent of the damage to this bridge meant it was closed immediately. A detailed inspection has taken place which has identified the damage as significant and the inspection report has been completed by the Council's Technical Advisor.

Whilst ownership is still in doubt it has been decided that in the best interest of the public the repair shall be completed by the Council, remediation works are required to the embankment supporting the Network Rail infrastructure.

The options for this bridge are still to be confirmed.

U5211 Walkmill Bridge, Bassenthwaite Sth Lakeland Undercutting and scour to North abutment and damage to the concrete invert.CLOSED Repair works to be carried out, with the bridge planned to be reopened Summer 2017.
C2001Janet Bridge Allerdale Damage to abutments OPEN 

The bridge is open with temporary traffic cones and signage to keep bridge users restricted to one side of the bridge.

Further permanent works are required to this bridge, but at this stage it is anticipated the bridge can remain open until works commence in Summer 2017.

U2225Mill Beck Bridge, Applethwaite Allerdale Extensive cracking to structure OPEN - pedestrians only 

Eric Wright completed the winterisation repair works on Tuesday 29th November and bridge was reopened to pedestrians only on Thursday 8th December.

Permanent works scheduled to commence in the summer 2017 in river working window to enable a full re-opening of the bridge in Autumn 2017.

Possible reworks may be required to improve the aesthetics of the asset.

Possible options are being considered to ensure the risk of future flooding is minimised.

B5320 Pooley Bridge Eden Complete collapse OPEN 

The new temporary bridge was formally opened by Keith Little, Cabinet Member for Highways on Sunday 20th March 2016. The bridge is a single carriageway under traffic light control, as was the old bridge. In addition, it has a 1.5m wide footway on the downstream side.

Work has commenced to begin to define and assess options for a permanent replacement to be designed, procured and built.

This will involve technical appraisals and constraints mapping as well as community engagement. The Council is in consultation with the local parish council and other interested parties regarding the replacement of the bridge.

A683 Middleton Hall Bridge (near Kirkby Lonsdale) Sth Lakeland Temporary bailey bridge will remain in place to maintain network connectivity.OPEN

The temporary pontoon bridge that has been open for some time already will remain in place to maintain network connectivity.

Works have been required to ensure the integrity of the pontoon bridge by securing the bridge abutments over the winter period and ensure the temporary bridge remains open.

The design works for permanent repairs are currently underway. Full permanent works will be carried out in the 2017 in river working window and will commence after July 2017, due to The Appleby Horse Fair taking place prior to these dates

Design options are still to be finalised, but include either stone repair works to avoid joint problems, or full replacement. The permanent works are estimated for completion by Autumn 2017. 

Design options are still to be finalised, but include either stone repair works to avoid joint problems, or full replacement. The permanent works are estimated for completion by Autumn 2017.

C5057 Ford Bridge (Burneside New) Sth Lakeland Subsided Pier OPEN 

Weight restrictions of 3.5t and width restrictions in the form of traffic management are in place in order to prevent the weight restriction being exceeded.

Specific dates will be dependent on the type of works to be carried out. At present, it is undecided whether repairs work will be carried out, or full reconstruction of the bridge. The IRP team are working with the Environment Agency on this.

U5357 Wath Sutton Sth Lakeland Severe scour to void OPEN 

An inspection undertaken in August 2016 identified severe defects to this bridge that were previously unidentified due to high water levels in the river. The extent of the damage is such that the bridge was closed immediately and remained closed pending completion of repair work.

Emergency works were completed on the 19th Dec 2016, with the road reopened 16th Dec. 2016.

The remaining works are to be carried out in the in river working window, commencing June 2017.

C5108Gowan Old (Staveley) Sth Lakeland Severe scour of central pier requiring major repair or reconstruction OPEN 

The central pier was damaged in the initial floods and the bridge was closed immediately to traffic although further deteriorations meant the bridge needed to be demolished under controlled conditions.

Public consultation was undertaken on an ongoing basis, and there was some delay due to unforeseen ground conditions which has resulted in additional pilling.

The bridge was reopened on the 18th May 2017.