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Equality Objectives for 2012-16

The Council has a statutory responsibility to set objectives that demonstrate how the Council plans to meet the specific requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The purpose behind setting Equality objectives is to identify actions that the Council will undertake to demonstrate how it is meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The table below sets out the Council's draft Equality objectives that are based upon the Equality Needs Analysis that was carried out in January 2012. These were taken to Cabinet in April 2012 for agreement. Following agreement the services responsible for delivering the work relating to these objectives will set measures for improvement along with action plan.


Equality Objectives
Protected CharacteristicsObjectiveEvidence
All external
  • Diffuse community tensions and promote tolerance and understanding
Hate crime reports, feedback from community groups
All internal
  • Continue progress in collection of diversity data in relation to workforce and services

  • Continue to roll out training programme introduced following the Equality Act (2010)

Equality Needs Analysis
  • Continue progress on narrowing the attainment gap between boys and girls

  • Continue positive action scheme to increase numbers of women in the Fire Service

  • Improve support for victims of domestic violence

 Equality Needs Analysis


Marital Status

  •  No specific issues arising from the analysis of workforce or services.
  • Improve disability access to Council premises.

  • Increase personalisation of services to ensure that people have choice and control.

Better Places for Work programme

Equality Needs Analysis


  • Work with Gypsy Roma and Traveller families to improve access to education.

  • Continue to monitor school racial incidents as part of anti-bullying activities.

  • Ensure that migrants can access information about the Council in multi-lingual formats.

 Equality Needs Analysis




  • Increase opportunities for young people to work for the Council. 

Equality Needs Analysis

Council Apprenticeship Programme 

Sexual Orientation
  •  Include addressing homophobia in school anti-bullying work.

Equality Needs Analysis

Feedback from community groups

Religion/belief No specific issues arising from the analysis of workforce or services.