Information and advice following Grenfell Tower fire

Government has made a number of requests, including:

  • To identify all residential tower blocks (properties over 18 metres in height). 

  • To identify those with aluminium type external cladding and inspect to establish whether the panels were made of an Aluminium Composite Material (ACM), so that they could be submitted for testing through a process being established by the Building Research Establishment. 

  • To provide information about other tower blocks in our area. 

  • To continue to check fire assessments for purpose built blocks of flats.

  • CFRS has reviewed the two buildings in Cumbria over 18 metres high (Sand Aire House in Kendal and the Civic Centre in Carlisle). Neither were found to have ACM cladding.

  • Additional audits of other blocks of flats have been undertaken to ensure fire safety standards are being adhered to and that any cladding installed has a minimum risk to members of the public.

  • NHS premises with any form of cladding are being audited throughout Cumbria.

  • Advice is being given to owners/management companies regarding the testing of samples from any premises identified as possibly being of any risk.

  • CFRS has also responded to concerns about premises raised by members of the public.

  • If members of the public suspect there is an issue with their property or any other property please contact Fire Service Headquarters on 01768 812612 or

  • Please note that buildings of less than 18m or 6 storeys that use this cladding comply with current legislation and the Fire Service have no powers to request the product to be removed.

  • The advice is dependent on the nature of the building. People should ensure they are familiar with the specific policy for their building and ask their building owner/manager if it is not clear.

  • Generally, blocks of flats are designed as individual units and unless the fire is in your property you are advised to stay put unless directed by a member of the Fire Service carrying out their duties.

  • However, if the policy for your building is to evacuate then you should do this.

Building owners/managers should: 

  • Ensure all Fire Risk Assessment findings are understood and outstanding actions are completed.

  • Undertake a review of fire evacuation and emergency plans to ensure they are still relevant.

  • Ensure all fire safety equipment and systems are maintained (we recommend the use of a suitable checklist).

  • Contact Fire Service Headquarters on 01768 812612 or if further advice is required.

The Government has been in close contact with local government, housing associations, other public and private sector landlords, fire and rescue services and a number of fire and building safety experts to work through the implications arising from the Grenfell Tower fire for other high rise buildings. It is also engaging wider industry bodies and organisations on next steps and would welcome comments or suggestions. These should be directed to

The following explanatory note has been published by the government:

Information from the Local Government Association