Information and Performance

Cumbria County Council's Information & Performance Team in Children's Services are here to ensure that our colleagues and partners are supported to do their jobs as effectively as possible so that together we all improve outcomes for children, young people and their families in Cumbria.  In addition, we also support the users of our services - for example, through delivering the Directorate's complaints and compliments functions. 

The work of the team covers a wide range of functions including the following:

  • Business Systems and Information Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Planning and Improvement
  • Business Reserve Management
  • Access and Engagement
  • Audit and Practice Development
  • Independent Review and Conferences

We provide data and information on a wide variety of topics to do with children and young people.  A great deal of this information is available to the public through the Cumbria Intelligence Observatory (see link below), which provides an extensive resource bringing together existing research and analysis across Cumbria.

We are also responsible for supporting the development of a number of key plans and policies for the Directorate so that everyone is clear about what is important to us and how we are making a real difference.  Cumbria Children's Services Directorate Plan 2012-13 is our key strategic document which sets our priorities over the coming year and the activity we be will undertaking to deliver these priorities.

The Access and Engagement Team ensure that children, young people and their families are able to contribute their views and needs to inform decision-making, service planning and delivery, and improve performance. The team also acts as the Directorate Youth Services delivery lead and Equality lead; and support Elected Members to ensure that they are able to make informed decisions on the youth offer in their localities or in their Corporate Parenting role.

Children`s & Families Services Structure

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Useful links

Plans and policies relevant to Safeguarding can be accessed via the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) website:

Further information about Cumbria Children's Trust including the Children and Young People's Plan can be accessed via their website: