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Allyson Carty
Partnership Development and Participation Officer (Equalities) 

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Corporate Equality

Equality and Diversity

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Equality is about everyone having the same chances in life and getting the same access to the services they need.

Diversity is about understanding that people have different needs and aspirations. We cannot achieve equality without addressing diversity.

Equality is not about treating everyone the same.

(Source: Fairness and Freedom Report 2007) 

Our ambition for children and young people as reflected in the council plan is as follows:

  • Improve our safeguarding practice and services to ensure all children and young people in Cumbria are safe.

  • Work with our partners focusing on early intervention and developing the role of children’s centres in delivering early help.

  • Maximise capital investment opportunities for our schools, focusing on those in greatest need.

  • Support schools to improve where necessary as identified by Ofsted.

(Source: Council Plan 2014 - 2017)

Equality and Diversity

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