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School Finance

This section provides summary guidance to schools on finance regulations, school funding and effective financial management.  It also includes, as required by law, the most recent S251 Budget and Outturn reports for Cumbria County Council, which provide planned and actual spend on education and children and young peoples' services.  For more detailed guidance for schools, the School Portal Finance Section constitutes the main source of information for schools.  

As well as the School Portal, further information on school funding can be found from the Education Funding Agency website at:  This includes the agency's School Financial Health and Efficiency webpage at: 

Maintained schools are required to comply with the LA's Scheme for Financing Schools which includes the Financial Regulations for Schools.

On an annual basis, maintained schools must complete the Schools Financial Value Standard, submitting a copy to the LA Finance Team.  A copy of the required return can be found at: with details on the specific requirements found in the School Portal Finance Section.

For information on the Schools Forum, please go to: 

Key documents

 Title  Date  Size
3/03/2017 1441k

Funding for Schools

 Title  Date  Size
3/03/2017 20k
3/03/2017 19k
3/03/2017 883k
3/03/2017 880k

Section 251 Budget Report 2016-17

 Title  Date  Size
6/03/2017 29k
6/03/2017 38k

Section 251 Budget Report 2015-16

 Title  Date  Size
29/05/2015 28k
29/05/2015 39k

Section 251 Budget Report 2014-15

 Title  Date  Size
7/03/2017 12k
7/03/2017 17k

Section 251 Budget Report 2013-14

 Title  Date  Size
20/01/2014 29k
20/01/2014 37k
20/01/2014 24k

Section 251 Outturn Report 2015-16

 Title  Date  Size
6/03/2017 42k
6/03/2017 41k

Section 251 Outturn Report 2014-15

 Title  Date  Size
3/03/2017 42k
3/03/2017 36k

Section 251 Outturn Report 2012-13

 Title  Date  Size
20/01/2014 36k
20/01/2014 60k
20/01/2014 115k