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Setting up New Childcare Provision

Within the Early Years Learning Improvement Service a Business Adviser is available to offer support advice and guidance to the managers and owners of childcare provision throughout Cumbria. Our Business Adviser can offer advice with developing business plans and financial planning, and can also signpost and / or offer support on a range of other business and management related issues including marketing, fundraising, governance and sustainability.
If you would like support from our Business Adviser please make a referral through the Children and Families Information Service on 03457 125 737

Marketing and Market Research

 Title  Date  Size
27/04/2012 1370k
2/05/2013 49k
2/05/2013 25k
11/10/2012 2015k

Financial Planning & Management

 Title  Date  Size
13/10/2015 1161k
17/12/2015 1967k
13/10/2015 4796k
13/10/2015 76k

Funding Options

 Title  Date  Size
13/10/2015 7465k
22/03/2016 54k
14/10/2015 48k

Free entitlement

For information regarding free entitlement for 2, 3 and 4 year olds view the following webpages: Free early years for three and four year olds and Free Childcare for 2 Year olds, or alternatively you can contact the Children and Families Information Service on 0845 125 737

Government Grant Scheme

Are you a New Childcare Business and registered with Ofsted or a childminder agency? If so you can apply for a "Childcare Business Grant" a government grant scheme where you could be eligible for up to £ 1000.
The Childcare New Business Grants Scheme has been introduced to boost the provision of childcare in England and to incentivise entrepreneurship. It will encourage and support the starting up of new childcare businesses by providing a flat rate start-up grant.
The Childcare Grant Scheme can accept applications from new childcare businesses within their first 12 months of registration with either Ofsted or a childminder agency. To find out more please follow the above link.

Closure Procedure

 Title  Date  Size
16/10/2015 188k

Other information

 Title  Date  Size
13/10/2015 586k
28/01/2016 751k


Children and Families Information Service

Tel: 03457 125 737